Estate Administration

If a person dies who has made a Will , then they will need a Grant of Probate which gives the executors legal authority to administer the estate . If a person has appointed Executors, but they have died before the Testator (the person who has made the will) , then you would need to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration with will annexed .

In the event that a person dies without leaving a Will, the people who look after your estate are called Administrators and you would need a Grant of Letters of Administration . This can take some time and without it, the estate cannot be administered.

Dealing With Probate

When somebody dies, their estate has to be dealt with. A person’s estate can be made up of money, property and possessions, stocks and shares. The person may also have debts which need to be settled and the funeral arrangements made. There are two methods of dealing with an estate.

Gaining A Grant Of Representation

A grant of representation can sometimes be known as a ‘grant of probate’, ‘letters of administration’ or ‘letters of administration with a will’. It will allow for the normal legal process to proceed.