Charities and Wills

Leaving money to charity in your Will is a great way to leave a positive legacy

Our current partnerships

We are always open to new partnerships with Charities and raising awareness of them.

if you would like to get in contact, please phone 0115 939 3360 or email [email protected]

Leaving money to charity in your Will is a great way to leave a positive legacy to benefit the future and, in most cases, a personal gift to charities which have supported you or your loved ones and you would like to leave some recognition of that in your final Last Will and Testament. Charities in Wills can also reduce your Inheritance Tax Liability, so your family can get the most out of their legacy and you benefit the wider community. A gift to Charity is tax free and if you give at least 10% of your taxable estate to charity - if this is applicable to the size of your estate, the inheritance tax rate for the rest of your estate drops from 40% to 36%. This may vary in future depending on future governments and their stances on the controversial Inheritance Tax. You can specify how you would like the charity to use your gift and gifts can be in the form of a cash sum, property or asset or a share of the residuary estate or in cases where you have no family or loved ones your whole estate.

Treetops Hospice

FF Legal Services and Treetops Hospice have a long lasting relationship, which began before Fiona Set up FF Legal Services in 2012. Treetops Hospice provide nursing care and emotional support for adults and their families in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

We offer a Will scheme where Treetops make a contribution towards their members of staff making a Will with FF Legal Services at a discounted price and we support the charity by bringing awareness of the incredible work they do to support people with illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis; as well as supporting their carers and families.

Treetops Hospice is a registered charity, which costs £4.3 million each year to run. Treetops have to raise 70% of this, £8,300 a day, through voluntary donations, our shops, fundraising events, lottery memberships and gifts in wills.

Tel. 0115 949 1264

Juno Women’s Aid Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Empowering Women

FF Legal Services are proud to have partnered with Juno Women’s Aid Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Empowering Women, Children and teenagers to live free from abuse. Juno Women’s Aid is the largest domestic abuse organisation in Nottingham and one of the largest in the UK, including Broxtowe where FF Legal Services is based.

Our new partnership will support women fleeing abuse using our storage service who need safe and discreet facilities to store valuable items (passports, bank statements etc) and legal documents while travelling from safe houses, sheltered accommodation and awaiting a safe and permanent home.

Helpline number 0808 800 0340

Alzheimer’s Society

In April 2022 Elena Frankland chose Alzheimer’s Society as our charity of the year and we raised over £2,000 with her trek to Everest Base Camp and we thank many of our clients who donated and supported Elena.

The group in total raised over £100k and this money has been used to fund one of Alzheimer’s society current projects which looks at the effects of a diabetes drug on Alzheimer's disease, to see if the benefits can be used to help design a future treatment.